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Info For Sellers

Why You Should ALWAYS Use a Solicitor When Buying or Selling a House!

Today I'm talking to my friend Matthew Keating who is a solicitor for Keir Steele. The question we're answering is: Why is it so important to use a solicitor when buying or selling a property?

Simple Things You Can Do to Sell Your House For a LOT More Money!

Here it is - the question on everybody's lips: What are the little things you can do to sell your house for a lot more money? Lets talk about that :-)

Should You Auction Your House?

SOLD!!! Should you Auction your house? What kind of house is better for Auction? What are the benefits of doing an Auction? We’re going to cover this and much more in this interview with Paul Gaffney - RE/MAX Executives 2017 Auctioneer of the Year!

Days On Market & What That Means For Sellers

Our Days on Market is all the way down at 17 days. That's over the last 20 properties we've sold. How do we get our Days on Market down to just 17 days when on average they're selling between 30 and 60? We put buyers in competition with each other....

Why Offer On Contract

Now, why wouldn't you want to use a letter of offer? Because if there's another buyer that comes in and makes an offer on a well priced house on a contract, the owner might take that offer, sign it on the contract, and then you miss out on your chance because this isn't a legal, binding document.

Should I Leave Lots of Negotiation Room When Selling?

Today I'm going to answer one of the most common questions I get from sellers: Should I price my house higher so that I can leave a lot of room for negotiation with buyers?

Rob Levy's Definitive Seller's Guide

Gearing up to sell your biggest financial asset can seem like a daunting feat, but just imagine if you were given the keys to the castle and could ensure your property becomes a bestseller.